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In general, we supply nearly all American made special vehicles. Alongside the American muscle cars, we also supply the big American pick-up trucks. Our network has more compliance approvals in place than any other company in Australia. Please click here to see our available range of vehicles. We carry a good assortment of vehicles on hand for immediate delivery. If you are looking for something different than we can certainly help you with that. From Hellcat’s to Cadillac’s, and F trucks to Chevy Trucks we have it all covered with the best in business conversion, back-up, service and support.

The 3500 series pick-up trucks have a gross vehicle mass of well over 4.5 ton and are considered heavy vehicles. Accordingly, a light rigid driver’s licence is required.

Given its size, horsepower and extreme towing ability it is quite fuel efficient. Being a turbo charged 6.6 litre diesel engine, the engine runs at extremely low rev’s, far lower than a conventional petrol engine. Its peak torque of 1,234 Nm is at 1,600rpm. Once the motor is run in, we have found an average of 12 litres per 100 km’s, and under a towing load between 15 and 18 litres per 100 kms is quite achievable. (These figures will vary depending on the road, your driving style and what you may be towing).

The 2500 is rated to tow 4.5 tons from the tow ball and 6-8 tons from a 5th wheel hitch. They are fitted with electric brake control, a tow haul gearbox mode and exhaust brakes as standard equipment. The GM vehicles are the ultimate towing machine.

The GMC Sierra & Chevy Silverado 2500 produce 332 kW (445 Horsepower) at 1600 rpm, and 1,234 Nm (910 lb ft) of torque at 1,500 to 2000 rpm. If you are looking for increased performance and improved fuel economy we have performance packs available providing an additional 220 Nm of torque, providing a total of 1454 Nm of torque. Consequently, this is a great boost for towing and will greatly improve fuel economy.

In addition to the conversion warranty you have a three year Sentinel NWC warranty. The Sentinel warranty is unlimited kms and unlimited claims during the warranty period. The three year Sentinel Warranty can be extended up to five years, it is delivered through National Warranty Company (NWC). With approximately 1000 approved repairers Australia wide you can have the  closest NWC approved service centre perform the work. Payment under the warranty is made directly by the warranty company. It also comes with the benefit of 24/7 roadside assistance. A copy of the vehicle warranty will be provided at the point of sale. For further details, you can visit their website at:

Firstly, not all Australian conversion companies move the steering box to the right hand side during the conversion process.  They keep the existing steering box on the left side, then add two gear boxes and  use a cross shaft.  This is done to transfer the movement from the steering wheel, increasing the number of components in the steering system. As a rule this gives more play in the steering system and often increases the turning circle of the vehicle. This is commonly referred to as a Cross Shaft Conversion (”CSC”).  Furthermore, Before purchasing any converted vehicle make sure you check to see what type of conversion method was used.

We carry a good selection of spare parts required for servicing the vehicles. Namely oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, engine belts and brake pads. In addition, other items can be supplied from the US, if instock in USA . Delivery ETA generally within 14-20 business days.

We have a good assortment of accessory items to personalise your vehicle. Everything from nudge bars to bull bars, side steps, sports bars, bed rails, fifth wheel tailgates, tonneau covers, floor liners, vehicle tracking, location devices and performance packages.  We have the largest range of accessory for American pick-up trucks in Australia. However, if you require items that are not in stock these will take approximately two weeks, depending on availability.

We often do this on behalf of our customers. We will contact several vehicle transportation companies and secure the best possible rate for you. You can then make payment direct to the transport company. Also, we strongly suggest insuring the vehicle in transit.

Ensuring your comfort is our priority and delight. You have the option to depart from Brisbane Airport and hop on a train directly connected to the airport, which will take you to Coomera Station. From there, we’ll be happy to pick you up. Also, we will provide you with the documentation to register your vehicle in all Australian States and Territories.

Of course everyone will say they have great customer service. However, we have always taken the extra steps to make sure our customers are happy up to the point of sale, and well beyond. Old time service with a modern approach. We look forward to welcoming you aboard as another one of our satisfied customers.



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