Lift Kits & Levelling Kits

Whether you’re driving on regular roads or off the beaten path, a lift kit is a must-have. Our collection includes top-quality kits and 4WD suspension kits that perfectly match your truck’s make and model. These kits, made by leading brands (FOX, KING & ELKA), are designed to perform exceptionally well on all kinds of roads. 

You can get a wide range of 4WD levelling kits from us at the best prices in the industry. 

If you haven’t found the kit or accessory you’re searching for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll go the extra mile to locate and arrange the parts you need. Plus, we offer installation services for the lift kits you purchase from us.

RAM 1500 Lift Kits: Find The Ideal Lift Kit For Your RAM 1500

2″ Front Levelling Kit, 3″ Front & 2″ Rear Spacer Kit, 2″ Bilstein Front & Rear Premium Lift Kit, Bilstein Kit for 3-1/2″ Front & 3″ Rear

FORD F250 & F350 Lift Kits: Shop all the lift kits fits for FORD F250 & F350

3 Inch FOX Performance, 3 Inch FOX Elite, 3 Inch ELKA 2.5 RES

GM 1500 Lift Kits: Shop Exclusive Lift Kits For Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra and Denali 1500

2″ Economy Levelling Kit, 3″ Standard Levelling Kit, 3″ FOX Coilover Performance Kit, 3 ELKA Performance Kit, 3″ Elite, ELKA Shocks, 3″ Elite Kig Res Shocks, 3″ FOX Res Shocks

GM 2500/3500: Silverado 2500/3500 and GMC Sierra and Denali 2500/3500 Lift Kits

2″ Economy Levelling Kit, Levelling Kit-FOX, Levelling Kit Fox Res, Levelling kit-KING Res, Levelling Kit- FOX Elite, Levelling Kit Elka Res, Block and U Bolt Kit for 1.5 rear lift

We offer lift kit installation services at our Gold Coast location.

At our Comprehensive Auto Center, our Lift Kit Installation Facilities are staffed by skilled technicians who ensure your vehicle’s lift kit is installed with precision and expertise.

Call us now on Office: 0756657546, Peter: 0411767974, Catherine: 0466612987 to discuss the lift kits and levelling kits instellation.

For additional information on our warranty program, click here.

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