Paint Protection

Guardian Pro Permanent Paint Protection

Permanent Paint Protection. Nothing can compares to the glistening, flawless shine of a brand new vehicle.  The paintwork radiates “new” and it will usually turn heads. This “new car” sparkle rarely lasts for long. As time goes on, the vehicle will begin to look dated.   Scratches will start appearing on the surface, and the wear and tear on the exterior will finally show.  It hurts to see this happen to your baby, part of you wishes that something can be done about it.  Something can be done.

Permanent Paint Protection

The Guardian Pro advanced permanent paint protection:

Is a top quality automotive surface coating that is a highly recommended addition to all vehicles we sell.  This Guardian Pro 2000 incorporates a unique ceramic paint protection adhesive and is suited to both new and used vehicles. The benefits of using this product are very impressive,  it offers:

Extensive protection from damaging effects of the environment.

Something as simple as the effects of acid rain can cause extensive corrosion, and deteriorate the metal of a vehicle very quickly.   Acid rain is not something from a science fiction movie that occurs after a nuclear war. Acid rain occurs after coal and other fossil fuels are burned, and react with the water and other elements in our atmosphere. These are then chemically transformed into sulphuric and nitric acids. These acidic compounds fall to earth as rain, snow, and fog. Acid rain is real, and is probably already affecting your current vehicle. Other factors that will damage the paint of a vehicle include decaying insects, bird droppings, pollen, and tree sap.

Provides resistance to chemicals

Ultraviolet rays can tarnish the vehicle paint over time.  This continued absorption of highly concentrated UV rays will cause a vehicles colour to fade over time.  The effects will cause not only a diminish to the colour, but as a result its shine will degrade over time.  The Guardian 2000 acts to reduce the effects of this acts like a shield to stop this degradation to the paint. Furthermore, a permanent paint protection also acts as a thermal resistor which will, to an extent, resist the effects of the damaging heat on the paintwork

Keeps your car cleaner for longer

The effect of having the Guardian 2000 paint protection means that any liquid that comes into contact with the surface of the vehicle will simply roll off.  Consequently the car remains cleaner for longer as these liquids wont just sit on the paint.  This isn’t just the liquids, this is also the case with any light dirt and grime.  How wonderfull would it be to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer and also for it to be easier to clean.

Protects your Investment

Lets face it.  Buying a motor vehicle is an investment.  When you buy a sports car, you may be investing in some fun and excitement.  Even something simple, like when you purchase a normal day to day car, your investing in something that can get you from point A to B.  When you invest in a work ute, consequently you are making an investment to help the business deliver future economic returns.  The point is, that these are all an investment.  The problem with most of these investments is that over time, due to their nature, they will depreciate in value.

A permanent paint protection can never stop that, however it can help to reduce the effects of the vehicle diminishing in value.  This is because paint protections helps to ensure paintwork is properly protected, in addition if you are looking for seats check out these car seat reviews.  The vehicle will hold more colour, vividness and shine than an unprotected vehicle.  A permanent paint protection ensures your vehicle is better protected against scratches than a vehicle without.  Finally, a car with a permanent paint protection applied to it is more valuable to a consumer than one that isn’t, theoretically making it worth more.

Permanent Paint Protection

Entry Level Protection

Guardian Plus Paint Treatment (100% Polymer)  (Made in Italy)  (5yr warranty) – $799.00 (inc. GST)

1.Guardian Pro 2000 Permanent Paint Protection (1500 series vehicles, lifetime warranty) – $1,395.00 (inc. GST)

2.Guardian Pro 2000 Permanent Paint Protection (1500 series vehicles, lifetime warranty) – $1,595.00 (inc. GST)

3.Guardian Pro 2000 Permanent Paint Protection  (for dash, seats, door trims, console and carpets) – $295.00 (inc. GST)

**Guardian Pro 2000 is a Ceramic-Silicon Carbide Clear Resin Coating (Made in Italy- Lifetime warranty)**