Apache Swing Toolbox Suit GMC Sierra 2500

$489.00$899.00 inc. GST

Apache Swing Toolbox  for Silverado GMC 2500, The ultimate, simple quick storage system. Designed to mount on the side of the wheel well and swing forward for easy access. Removable, so you can use just like a regular toolbox.

Available as a single package or double package to include Apache Swing Toolbox on both sides of truck bed.


Apache Swing Toolbox

You might want to consider the UnderCover Swing Case if you want to keep your tools in your truck bed without taking up too much space.

As long as the UnderCover Swing is folded neatly alongside the wheel well inside the bed, no precious cargo space is taken up. It can accommodate up to 34kg of cargo. To gain access, simply pull the latch and pivot it 180° to provide immediate access.


  • It can be installed quickly with minimal effort.

  • Designed for easy ingress & egress

  • When detached from the truck, the unit stands upright; it can be moved around the work site

  • You can open your SwingCase with or without a key thanks to the secure, versatile Twist-lock

  • Easily accessible from the back and sides of the tailgate.

  • Get one for each side of the bed for extra storage and convenience. Compatible with all UnderCover truck bed covers.


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