Carbon Winch-Scout Pro 15000lb Extreme Duty Electric Winch For Toyota Tundra

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The Carbon Winch Offroad Scout Pro Extreme Duty for Toyota Tundra – Performance Series winches are meticulously crafted for the avid wincher confronting challenging offroad terrains regularly. Designed with the offroad enthusiast in mind, these Carbon winches cater to those navigating harsh conditions consistently, as well as owners of heavily equipped or towing vehicles in offroad environments. Unleash superior performance and durability with the Scout Pro series.


Carbon Winch

Carbon Scout Pro 15000lb Extreme Duty Electric Winch

Introducing the Carbon Offroad Scout Pro Extreme Duty Performance Series winches, meticulously designed for avid winching enthusiasts who regularly navigate challenging offroad terrains or own heavy, fully-equipped vehicles engaged in towing under offroad conditions.

Built to exceed expectations, the Scout Pro series showcases larger modulus gearsets in comparison to our CW-12K, augmented motor horsepower, and premium inclusions from our accessory lineup, such as the Mega-Pro Winch Rope Thimble and Mega-Pro Premium Fairlead, ensuring an unparalleled out-of-the-box experience.

Fun Fact: “Module” is the sizing unit indicating the magnitude of gears, determined by the ratio of the reference diameter to the number of teeth.

Sharing the proven 2023 Version 3 Winch Chassis with our trusted 12K winch, the Scout Pro series seamlessly fits into most larger 4×4 utes and wagons. However, with the extended 7.0HP Motor, it’s advised to consult the technical drawing for clearance and fitment length on your winch mount. While larger vehicles like RAM, F-Truck, and Silverado usually pose no issues, confirmation of fitment on dual cabs, 70 series, 200 series, or similar-sized 4WD wagons is recommended before purchase. The responsibility for fitment lies with the end-user or installer.

The 15000lb winch boasts a 12mm high-density pre-stretched premium UHMWPE winch rope, offering an impressive minimum breaking strain of 9000kg.

12V DC performance specs (first layer of drum)      
Line Pull Line Speed Motor Pull by layer
Lbs.(Kgs.) FT./min(M/min.) Current layer/Lbs(Kgs.)
0 27.9(8.5)  65 amps  1/15,000 (6810)
2000 (910)  11.8(3.6)  120 amps  2/12,700(5765)
6000 (2720)  9.5(2.9)  160 amps  3/10,770 (4890)
10000 (4540)  6.6 (2.0)  215 amps  4/9,130(4145)
13000 (5900)  4.6 (1.4)  265 amps  
15000 (6818)  3.6 (1.1)  380 amps  

Carbon Winch Key Features:

– Carbon Winch 2023 V3 winch chassis
– 7.0HP Motor
– 218:1 heavy-duty performance gearbox
– 12mm Synthetic Rope with HD braced rope thimble
– Carbon Offroad MEGAPRO Premium CNC billet type 3 hard-anodized multi-position fairlead
– Carbon Offroad MEGAPRO Winch Hook
– High-performance heavy-duty upgraded solenoid unit, rated 100amps higher than the CW-12K solenoid unit.
– Installed weight of 26.7kg

Carbon Winch

Carbon Winch


Correct installation of your winch is a requirement for correct operation. It is highly recommended that the Carbon Winch is installed by a qualified or authorised technician who understands the importance of the safety requirements that come with the winch installation.


At our warehouse, we have skilled and experienced technicians dedicated to winch installation. Prioritizing safety above all else, we understand the importance of a secure setup. Reach out to us via phone or email to secure your slot for the installation of this powerful machine.


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  • Disconnect the vehicle’s battery to prevent electrical shock, fire or shorts.
  • WARNING: When installing the winch ensure you allow ample battery cable slack between the bullbar and the front of the vehicle to allow for movement between the body and chassis of the vehicle.
  • Reminder – rotate the gearbox to suit your accessibility for your bullbar or mourning system.
  • Please ensure that the winch rope cannot rub on any sharp edges inside the mounting area and the winch rope and drum are free from any electrical wiring.

Elevate your winching experience with the superior performance and advanced features of the Carbon Offroad Scout Pro series.


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