Carbon Winch – Carbon Tank 20000lb Truck Winch Kit 12V For Toyota Tundra

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The Carbon Tank 20000lb Truck Winch Kit for Toyota Tundra – This carbon winches are meticulously crafted for the avid wincher confronting challenging offroad terrains regularly. Designed with the offroad enthusiast in mind, these carbon winches cater to those navigating harsh conditions consistently, as well as owners of heavily equipped or towing vehicles in offroad environments. Unleash superior performance and durability with the Carbon Tank winch.


The Carbon Offroad TANK 20000lb electric winch is a formidable powerhouse

Carbon Winch – Carbon Tank 20000lb Truck Winch Kit 12V

The Carbon Offroad TANK 20000lb electric winch stands as a formidable powerhouse in the realm of winching, embodying qualities of indestructibility, bulletproof durability, and sheer power.

As a cutting-edge addition to the Carbon Offroad lineup, the TANK lives up to its name, symbolizing resilience and strength while defying expectations of heaviness. In the pursuit of building the ultimate offroad rig, we recognize the challenges that arise, necessitating additional weight and effort post-factory assembly. Self-recovery capability ranks high on the priority list for overlanding and touring enthusiasts, especially during solo journeys. Traditionally, this entailed a heavy carbon winch with steel cable and a robust steel bullbar. However, the market today offers smarter alternatives, and the TANK exemplifies this evolution.

Gone are the days of opting for a bulky winch made from solid steel castings. Technological advancements and improved materials have paved the way for the TANK, featuring billet alloys crafted on CNC mills and alloy castings comprising the gearbox housings and main frames. While critical components like the carbon winch drum retain steel construction, the TANK also boasts an aesthetic quality that sets it apart in the market. With its sleek lines, solid cast alloy control box, and robust alloy fairlead, the TANK appeals to those who appreciate exceptional design.

A key requirement for modern winches is waterproofing, and the TANK takes this to the next level. The winch motor and drum frame mount are assembled as a single unit at the factory, undergoing real-life pressure leak testing to 20PSI—simulating a depth of 14 meters underwater. This rigorous testing ensures that the winch is impervious to water straight out of the box. Additionally, the gearbox housing features a two-stage mechanical and rubber o-ring sealing system, guaranteeing IP69K-level protection against water ingress.

Functionally, the TANK mirrors the excellence of Carbon Offroad winches, employing a rotating ring gear free spool clutch assembly, a robust 4-stage planetary gear train made from solid cut and hardened gear steel, and a gear train-connected braking system to prevent heat buildup on the drum, preserving the integrity of the winch rope.

Versatile in its mounting options, the control box can be directly affixed over the drum, on the motor using supplied brackets, or remotely onto a bar with an optional bracket.

Available in both 12-volt configurations, the TANK caters to a range of vehicles, from large 4x4s to trucks running 12-volt systems. With a single line pull capacity exceeding 9 tonnes, the TANK ensures performance when faced with challenging extraction scenarios where no other option exists. Elevate your offroad experience with the unmatched capabilities of the Carbon Offroad TANK 20000lb electric carbon winch.

What is in the box: 

  • 1 x Tank carbon winch with synthetic rope
  • 1 x control box kit complete with cables
  • 1 x battery earth cable
  • 1 x 2 in 1 wireless remote control with plug in cable backup
  • 1 x Alloy fairlead – standard offset
  • 1 x Forged Alloy hook with mounting pin and split pin
  • 1 x Mounting Bolt kit including separate fairlead mounting bolts
  • 1 x control box “over motor” mounting bracket pair
  • 1 x bolt kit for control box mounting
  • 1 x rotary battery isolator switch
  • 1 x battery isolator connecting cable 30cm
  • 1 x battery isolator mounting bracket
  • 1 x hook safety strap
  • 1 x instruction manual

Carbon Winch

Elevate your winching experience with the superior performance and advanced features of the Carbon Offroad Scout Pro series.


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