Ford F-150 Custom Shaped Dash Mats

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Ford F-150 Custom Shaped Dash Mats is high quality and face fabric is made of 600 grams of high-end polypropylene material. With this Dash Mat high ultraviolet inhibitor and helps reduce the dangerous windshield glare, so that summer can be cool and warm. This dash mat is compatible with right-hand drive vehicles as well.


Dash Mats

  • For confirmation of model and sizes for dash mat please contact us.

  • Safe: Our black instrumentation flame retardant, sunscreen, UV-UV, protective instrumentation table reduces windshield glare, absorbs light and reflects light, protecting you from aging cracks, and prevents aging cracks.

  • High quality: Face Fabric is made of 600 grams of high-end polypropylene material, with a high ultraviolet inhibitor and helps reduce the dangerous windshield glare, so that summer can be cool and warm.

  • Easy to install: Simple and fast installation. You can use magic stickers to prevent the dashboard tile from sliding around if you expand it on the dashboard.

Dash Mats for Silverado 1500


Carpet – custom shaped.

Prices shown are supply only, unless otherwise noted. Fitting is available, please call or email for price. All items are subject to availability and price adjustment, please confirm at the time of ordering.

Dash Mats for Silverado 2500

  • This sensor is often used to determine whether your headlights should automatically turn on or off when certain options are selected.
  • To accommodate this, we ensure that if your dash includes a sensor, we utilize the pattern with the sensor cutout. This way, we guarantee that none of your truck’s essential features are obstructed.

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  • Your Ford F150 truck boasts a generously sized dash and windshield, which allows a significant amount of heat and UV rays to enter.
  • To safeguard your truck’s dashboard from fading, cracking, or deterioration, it’s crucial not to overlook this concern. Fortunately, we’ve been dedicated to crafting top-notch dash covers since 1979, right here in the USA.
  • Among our most popular options for Ford F150 DashMats, you’ll find the Ultimat and Original Carpet Dash Mats. Both of these are constructed from highly durable carpet material, purpose-built to shield your dashboard against heat and harmful rays.
  • The key difference lies in the fact that our Ultimat is custom-molded Dash Mats to fit the newer F150 dashboards seamlessly, while the Original Dashmat is meticulously tailored to your dashboard by stitching together pieces to match your precise pattern.
  • Both options provide excellent protection, but the Molded Dash Covers offer an especially sleek and seamless appearance.
  • When you make your selection for a dash cover, you might encounter additional questions regarding your F150, such as whether your dash features a sensor.
  • Some trucks incorporate a sensor bubble where the dash meets the windshield.
  • Many F150 owners often have concerns about their vents and speakers, especially regarding the vital air conditioning system.
  • Rest assured, we understand the importance of a functional A/C in your truck.
  • When it comes to the vents, we make sure not to obstruct them and provide cutouts where necessary. As for speakers, we cover flat speakers without causing any interference, and our materials are specially designed to ensure that sound quality remains uncompromised.
  • Your comfort and audio experience are our top priorities.

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