Gen-Y Boss Torsion Flex 4500kg 5″ Drop Australian Tongue DO45 Towing Hitch

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Boss Torsion Flex 4500kg Hitch with 5″ Drop has a 2′′ receiver, which permits it to tow up to 4,500KG and the tongue weight it can accommodate is 500KG with a tongue weight rating of 4,500KG. Towing hitch for a caravan that is suitable for towing up to five tons with the Gen-Y.

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Gen-Y Hitch Boss Torsion Flex 4500kg 5 Drop Australian Tongue DO45

With a 2′′ receiver, the Gen-Y 4,500kg Adjustable Torsion Flex Hitch is rated for 4,500KG towing and 500KG tongue weight.

In terms of ultimate control and safety, the Torsion Drop Hitch is the best hitch. It is compatible with any bumper style trailer on the market, including pintle-style couplings. Precision milled and drilled. Easy One-Pin Adjustment.

No airbags to maintain, no bearings to wear out, virtually maintenance-free. It is equipped with a mechanical tongue weight scale for safe loading with a balanced weight distribution.

Rubber Torsion Hitches transfer only 10% of the trailer’s inertia compared to 100% with hard connection hitches.

With the tow vehicle and trailer tracking independently, you have greater control and added safety, virtually eliminating all sway.



The tow vehicle and trailer are distributed evenly, so you have increased positive contact when breaking and maneuvering.

Protection against uncontrollable road conditions bumps, potholes, expansion joints, curves, hills, and other drivers can be a hazard. Increases fuel efficiency and reduces tyre wear.

The 90% smoother ride increases fuel savings by allowing you to glide instead of bounce. Reduces trailer and content fatigue and saves you money. Metal fatigue caused by traditional towing results in your trailer and its contents taking a beating.

Reduce driver fatigue to ensure everyone (family, friends, pets, horses, and livestock) arrives alive.

Towing Hitch Detailed Description:

  • Class IV 2″ Receiver shank
  • Rated up to 4,500KG Towing Capacity
  • 500KG Tongue Weight
  • 4, 5 or 6 Adjustable Positions
  • Comes with a 50mm/70mm Versa Ball, a 50mm Ball or an Australian Tongue for DO35 applications
  • Includes Two Pins
  • Drop/Raise Range: 5″ to 7 1⁄2“
  • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Torsion Flex Cords, Eliminates Shock Transfer
  • 2-Steel 1″ Grade 8 Pivot Bolts

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*Pintle sold separately.

*** You should never exceed recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch ***

Additional Information

Gen-Y Tow Hitche Drop

5" Drop

Tow Bar Hitch Option

Australian Tongue (DO45), 50mm/70mm Versa Ball, 50mm Ball