Geny Hitch Mega Duty Drop Hitch 4500kg 5″ Drop Ball

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Gen-Y Hitch GHM-313-A5 2” Shank, 5” Drop, 4,500 KG Hitch & Single Ball (50mm). Geny Hitch is an adjustable hitch that is ideal for towing with multiple applications. Add $90 for 50/70 ball.

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Mega Duty Drop Hitch 4500kg 5″ Drop Ball

The Gen-Y Hitch GHM-313-A5 has a 2″ shank, a 5″ drop, a 4,500 KG hitch and a single ball (50mm). This Gen Y Mega Duty 4,500kg Drop Hitch is a fully adjustable hitch that can be used for a variety of towing applications. A Mega Duty Hitch is designed with safety in mind and can be used by boaters, off-roaders, and other outdoor enthusiasts. This hitch may also be used for other applications, such as bicycle racks, cargo racks, motorcycle carriers, etc.

Due to its adjustable design, the Mega Duty Drop Hitch stands out from its competitors. Changing the height of the attachment is as simple as removing the pin and moving the ball mount to the desired position. It is possible to enhance the adjustability of the Mega Duty Hitch by pairing it with Gen Y’s Weight Distribution Shank. In addition to being fast and easy to use, this hitch ensures that the trailer is being towed as level as possible.

The hitch can be used in either the drop or rise position, increasing its versatility even further. For those looking for the most efficient way to tow, this hitch is an excellent choice. It can be adapted to almost any bumper-style trailer and pintle-style couplings.


  • Class IV 2″ Receiver shank

  • Rated up to 4,500KG Towing Capacity

  • 600KG Tongue Weight

  • 4 Adjustable Positions

  • Comes with a 50mm Ball

  • Drop/Raise Range: 5″ to 7″

  • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel


  • 5-yr warranty on moving parts. Lifetime warranty on all other parts.


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Additional Information


Weight 12 kg, Dimensions 35 cm(L) x 28 cm(W) x 12 cm(H)


1 x Gen-Y Hitch GHM-313-A5 2” Shank, 5” Drop, 4,500 KG Hitch & Single Ball (50mm)

Versa ball

With 50/70 Versa ball, Without 50/70 Versa ball