Geny Locking Pin

$129.00 inc. GST

Gen-Y Hitch Locking Pin for hitches. 7 Ton Rated to 7000kg Stainless Steel for 2” Receiver.


Gen-Y Hitch Locking Pin

Protects the investment you have made in your vehicle. Stylish design, keeps your Receiver, Trailer Hitch, and Off-road Accessories securely in place.

These pins are structurally and functionally sound, enabling you to use them for any job you could think of.

With any InfiniteRule Security Hitch Lock or Locking Pin, you can rest assured that your Hooks, Shackles, and Accessories are secure when towing.

To ensure ease of use, durability, and reliability, each piece is inspected for any imperfections.

The unique internal locking mechanism of the InfiniteRule allows it to be used on any trailer hitch, receiver, shackles or hooks.

All of InfiniteRule’s products are made with countless hours of dedication and passion to ensure your trailer, towing, and off-road needs are met. The product comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Detailed Description:
  • 2″ & 2-1/2″ Receiver – Class III, IV, V
  • Gen-Y Hitch – 10,000 LB & 16,000 LB Towing Series
  • The weatherproof cap provides protection to the keyhole by keeping water, grime, and dirt out of the locking mechanism.
  • A durable but sleek design is made of stainless steel, to prevent rust and to provide reliable security.
  • Nickel finish
  • 21,000 lb Rating


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