Gen-Y Torsion Hitches

Gen-Y Torsion Hitch Adjustable Drop Hitches start at 4,500kg towing capacity and go up to 7,000kg towing capacity. The Gen-Y Torsion Hitch is the best hitch for ultimate control and safety while towing any bumper style trailer on the market including pintle style couplings.


Gen-Y Torsion Hitches

Chevrolet Silverado Accessory Items 1500

Discover the Ultimate in Towing: Geny Hitches

When it comes to cargo towing, you deserve the best, and that’s exactly what Geny Hitches delivers. Our wide range of Geny Hitches is provide you with the smoothest ride possible, thanks to patented Torsion-Flex technology.

Ready to explore our wide range of Geny Hitches? Click the link below to discover the perfect hitch for your towing needs. Elevate your towing game with Geny Hitches today! Geny Hitches start at just $570.

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