Silverado 1500 Bumper Replacements

$2,995.00 inc. GST

A bumper replacement’s durable construction will allow your truck to handle daily off-road driving. In addition, this bumper replacement contributes to improving airflow at the front of your vehicle thanks to its mesh screen.


Heavy Duty Bumper Replacement

Fortify your truck’s defences by adding this Armour Heavy-Duty Front Bumper; Black. Since this bumper helps protect your truck from various road hazards, you can drive through rough terrain with fewer concerns. As a result of its durable construction, your truck will be able to withstand daily off-road drives without getting damaged by rocks, branches, or other debris. Furthermore, with its mesh screen, this bumper contributes to improved airflow at the front of your vehicle.

Armor Heavy Duty Bumper Replacements

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Road Armor




Alloy Steel

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Powder Coat