2Pcs RAM 1500 DS Platinum Series LED Driving Lights

$575.00 inc. GST

Apex Quad-Platinum Series 5″x7″ Driving Lights – High Performance driving lights suitabl for confined spaces. Recommended when fitting a nudge bar, as they fit between the upper and lower bars. 1LUX @.98 Kilometer, Warranty Included.



 Platinum Series LED Driving Light/Spot Light compatible with RAM 1500 DS .

Presenting cutting-edge Platinum Series LED Driving Lights, where sophistication meets power. Utilizing state-of-the-art reflector and OSRAM LED technology, our design sets a new standard in automotive illumination.

Incorporating the brightest OSRAM CRDP-SH LEDs, our sleek and striking design not only delivers superior brightness but also features Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). DRLs, strategically positioned at the vehicle’s front, enhance visibility by remaining active whenever the engine is running. Unlike headlights, DRLs offer a subtle glow, aimed at increasing the vehicle’s presence on the road, ensuring safety for all.

Adventure Series Driving Light/Spot Light for RAM 1500 DS Features:

977-Meter Beam Distance

Engineered and rigorously tested, our 5X7″ Platinum Series reflector achieves an extraordinary beam distance of 977 meters at 1 Lux, while maintaining exceptional flood performance. By precisely directing light where it’s needed most, we ensure optimal visibility in all driving conditions.

Built-in Daytime Running Lights

The inclusion of Daytime Running Lights isn’t just a feature—it’s a safety imperative. Research indicates that DRLs play a significant role in preventing daytime collisions, with potential life-saving benefits ranging from 7 to 25%. By increasing visibility for pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists, DRLs minimize the risk of accidents and improve overall road safety. Additionally, they enhance driver reaction times and perception of speed and distance, fostering a safer driving environment for all. With our Platinum Series LED Driving Lights, safety is always in focus, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

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