Performance Exhaust System (Rear Exit) for Ford F150 Raptor

Performance Exhaust System are designed to create a more efficient path for the exhaust gases to pushed out of each engine cylinder for Ford F150 Raptor. The engine will breathe better and run more efficiently, creating a different running tone or rumble giving the vehicle a more aggressive engine note. Looks good, sounds great and adds more power…


aFe POWER proudly presents the MACH Force-Xp dual rear-exit cat-back exhaust system

Performance Exhaust System

aFe POWER introduces the MACH Force-Xp dual side-exit cat-back performance exhaust system for Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6-2.7L(tt)/3.5L(tt) engines. It’s made from 3″ stainless steel tubing for maximum flow, increasing horsepower and torque. The system comes with a free-flow 21″ muffler, improving power delivery and sound. Dual side-exit black tips with aFe POWER badges complete the look. Fits various Ford F-150 configurations.

Effortless Installation: The installation of this MACH Force XP performance exhaust system is a breeze, as it utilizes existing factory mounting points and comes complete with all essential hardware, including OE-style hangers, ensuring a flawless fit and a polished appearance.

Seamless, Leak-Proof Seal: The Performance Exhaust System features top-quality OE-style flanges and band clamps, creating a comprehensive 360-degree sealing surface that effectively eliminates any potential leak paths.

Powerful and Aggressive Sound: Incorporating a stainless steel muffler with unrestricted airflow, this system not only absorbs high-pitched tones but also produces a commanding exhaust note, fully unlocking the available horsepower and torque.

Precise and Secure Fit: Employing OE-style bayonet hangers, the system maintains pipe stability even under high-vibration and high-heat conditions. The bayonet tip securely holds the hanger bushing in place, ensuring a consistent OE-style fit that endures over time.

Each system includes an OE-style isolation mount for a perfect, factory-like fit and finish.

Performance Exhaust System Ford F150 Raptor


This system is compatible with Crew Cab/Short Bed (145″ wheelbase), Extended Cab/Short Bed (145″ Wheelbase), Crew Cab/Long Bed (156.8″ Wheelbase), and Extended Cab/Long Bed (163.7″ Wheelbase) vehicles.

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