Stage 1 Performance Pack

$1,395.00 inc. GST

Stage 1 Performance Pack, Adds up to 60hp & 90ft/lbs torque, four diffrent tunes to choose from, stock, economy to save on fule, tow mode for fule saving when towing, and super performance modes. Increases the turbo boost throughout the entire RPM range. (Adds 45kWs & 122 Nm torque)

They will all save you money by improving the vehicles performance and economy, now is the time to consider adding them to your vehicle purchase. The performance packs and prices vary on the brand and model of the vehicle. Contact us to get more information…


Available Performance Upgrade for your vehicle

Performance Upgrade GMC, Performance Upgrade GM, Performance Upgrade Silverado, Performance Upgrade RAM 

  Stage 1 Performance Pack, Performance Upgrade GMC, Performance Upgrade Silverado

Stage 1 Performance Pack

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Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with our Stage 1 Performance Pack. This dynamic upgrade adds an impressive 60hp and 90ft/lbs of torque, providing a significant power boost. Choose from four different tunes tailored to your needs, including a stock setting, an economical mode for fuel efficiency, a tow mode to save on fuel during towing, and exhilarating super performance modes. With increased turbo boost across the entire RPM range, you’ll experience a substantial gain of 45kWs and 122Nm of torque, elevating your driving experience to a new level of performance.

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Please contact us to find out about more information that applies to this product.

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