High Performance Twin Tube Air Intake System for Ford F150 Raptor

High Performance Twin Tube Air Intake System for Ford F150 Raptor – The high volume Air Intake system of cooler air brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber, which results in more power, better throttle response and improved fuel mileage.


High Performance Twin Tube Air Intake System for Ford F150 Raptor

Momentum XP Cold Air Intake System – Stainless Steel

Experience superior air filtration and optimized performance with the Momentum Dual Inlets Three Layer Performance Air Filter system. Here’s what sets this innovative design apart:

Air Intake System for Ford F150 Raptor

Air Intake System for Ford F150 Raptor

Dyno-Proven Gains, Outflows Factory Intake by 29%. Built-In Sight Window Provides Easy Inspection of Filter Without Disassembly.

3″ Mandrel-Bent, Powder-Coated Equal Length Design Intake Tubes for Balanced Intake Tube Pressures and Maximize Airflow and Velocity. No Cutting or Drilling on Factory Parts for Faster Installation

Advanced Air Filtration
– The Momentum Air Intake system boasts a unique design that maximizes air intake. Standing at 9 inches tall, it features a 360-degree radial flow and incorporates two 3-inch inlets.
– Equipped with oil-free Pro DRY S media, it utilizes three layers of synthetic media to offer maximum convenience.
– Its progressive layering ensures exceptional filtration efficiency and dust-holding capacity without the need for oil, making it ideal for street use.
– An inverted top design provides an extended filter surface area, resulting in longer service intervals.

One-Piece Housing Excellence
– The housing is crafted from heat-resistant cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), providing durability and longevity.
– Its one-piece sealed design, featuring the patent-pending filter-to-housing interface, streamlines the system with fewer parts, simplifying the installation process.
– A large, clear sight window allows for hassle-free filter inspection without disassembling the system.
– The housing also integrates the factory air inlet scoop.

Enhanced Airflow
– Dual mandrel-bent wrinkle-black powder-coated aluminum intake tubes ensure unrestricted airflow from the filter to the turbos.
– This design leads to a noticeable increase in both horsepower and torque.
– A connecting hose harmonizes air intake pressure between both tubes.

Efficient Seal
– A silicone seal piece enhances the inlet of the housing and forms a seal with the hood, effectively blocking unwanted hot engine air from entering the air intake system.

Quality Hardware and Couplings
– Premium stainless-steel worm-gear clamps provide exceptional corrosion resistance.
– Premium silicone couplings offer flexibility and guarantee perfect seals.
– Momentum XP intakes are thoughtfully designed with fewer parts for a quick and straightforward installation process.

Elevate your vehicle’s performance and air filtration capabilities with the Momentum Dual Inlets Three Layer Performance Air Filter system. Its innovative design and top-notch components ensure that your vehicle operates at its best while offering ease of maintenance and installation.


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