Universal Plug & Play Wiring Harness Kit for Driving Lights,Spot Lights and Light Bars

$89.50 inc. GST

Plug & Play Wiring Harness Kit for Chevrolet Silverado 1500  – Make installing your driving lights an eassy task. Fitted with deutsch waterproof connectors, on/off switch, relay. Only for 12v applications.



Plug & Play Wiring Harness Kit

Simplify the installation of your driving lights with Perception’s Plug & Play EZY Fit Wiring Harness Kit. This hassle-free solution allows for easy fitment without the need for cutting or soldering any wiring. The included H4 Adaptor seamlessly triggers your driving lights from the high beam—just unplug the H4 connector at the back of your headlight bulb, connect our adapter, and you’re good to go. The driving lights will exclusively activate with the high beam, while the switch functions solely as an isolator.

The kit includes all essential components for a seamless connection: ON/OFF Switch, 40A Relay, 30A Fuse, ribbed cable protectors, and a heat-shrink wrapped relay.


  • 4.8 meters of wiring (fully stretched out)
  • 2.4m of cabling from Relay to Switch
  • 2.0m of cabling from Driving Light connector to Relay
  • 2.0m from H4 Adapter to Relay
  • Total cable length of 6.4m
  • 12vDC 30A Rated Fuse Kit
  • 12vDC 40A Switching Relay
  • Push Button ON/OFF Switch
  • UV Rated Insulation
  • Instruction manual included
  • 1 x DT connector to connect 1 Light Bar

Designed to accommodate the most common H4 wiring connectors found in popular makes and models, this harness can still be utilized for cars without H4 connections. In such cases, cutting and joining the trigger wires will be necessary to ensure proper functionality.

Wiring Harness Kit


All plug & play wiring harness kit are manufactured using the highest quality materials. So this product with a comprehensive 2 Year Australian Warranty.

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