Our Warranty


Conversion Warranty

|  12 months:  $0  | 1 Years Free. Every converted vehicle we sell comes with this free of charge.

Sentinel Warranty

|  60 months:  $2995  | 5 Years. Parts and Labour Vehicle Warranty. An extension to the warranty provided.

Optimum Comprehensive (Superman) Warranty

For details on the Optimum Comprehensive Warranty, feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call. Contact us today!

National Roadside Assist Australia

|  60 months:  $599  | 5 Years. Road-side Assistance (National Roadside Australia) 24 hours, 7 days a week
|  60 months:  $599  | 5 Years. Road-side Assistance (National Roadside Australia) Caravan 24 hours, 7 days a week

Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle Warranty

The Conversion Warranty

The conversion warranty is for 12 months, and it covers all aspects of the conversion. Most problems with these vehicles in the future, will relate to the conversion. The vehicles themselves are heavy duty commercial vehicles. The components are not particularly subject to failure. It is important that you have a top conversion and a conversion warranty to match it. The conversions are undertaken in a ISO9001 certified facility. A Internationally recognised Standard of this quality. We believe these conversions are the best in the business.  The conversion warranty is the most important warranty of all.

More info on parts and labour warranty program

The Optimum Warranty is designed to provide a similar levels of cover as your vehicle’s manufacturer. In the event of a mechanical failure*, the  Warranty covers parts and labour on approved claims. This is for an unlimited number of repairs on mechanical and electrical as listed in your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty book. Some exclusions do apply.  (Batteries, seals and gaskets, keyways, airbags. Satellite navigation systems, entertainment systems, paintwork. Panel or bodywork and their components made of glass, trim and decorative components etc). Claims are paid up to the component monetary limit for vehicle repairs; Consistent with vehicle condition: age, and kilometres travelled.

The Optimum vehicle warranty is a 60 months bumper to bumper warranty. A full parts and labour mechanical and electrical warranty for an unlimited number of repairs as listed in the manufacturer’s warranty book. It is fully transferable should you sell your vehicle, and offers the potential for breakdown accommodation and car hire assistance. Backed by a full Australia wide repair network.

What happens if I need to claim?

If your vehicle breaks down, please call the warranty administrator (National Warranty Company) prior to arranging any repair work to the vehicle. A member of the NWC claims team will promptly assess your claim. After approval, they will direct you to the nearest approved repairer wherever you are in Australia. Authorised claims get paid direct to the repairer so you won’t have to wait for reimbursement. This saves time and reduces your out-of-pocket expenses. Always remember regular servicing and maintenance needs to be carried out by a licensed mechanic to maintain the warranty on your vehicle in accordance with the warranty servicing requirements as outlined in the terms and conditions for your chosen warranty program.

How to Make a claim:

Call 1800 888 760  PRIOR to arranging any repair work.

Claims that competitors make about warranties

They claim they have a better warranty, it covers more things. Well that’s a load of rubbish, the Optimum warranty covers all things that a manufacturer’s warranty would normally cover.  This is a “bumper to bumper” warranty. It doesn’t get any better than that.  A sixty-month warranty, that’s serious piece of mind!

One competitor claims their warranty is better. They administer the warranty themselves. In other words, they self-insure and do the repair work themselves. That’s fine if you live near their operation and don’t travel much. Or they propose that one of their franchised dealers will take care of any problem you might have. With twenty or thirty dealers spread across Australia, that’s poor coverage. As compared to the National warranty company program we offer with around 1,000 repair centres Australia wide. You may be 300+ kilometres away from one of their franchised dealers. What happens if the vehicle doesn’t start? Who has your back then? Something to think about.

Don’t get caught up in sales talk. We offer great vehicles are considered B&B, (best in business). With a solid warranty program, the best vehicles, accessories items and great prices. You dont need to go anywhere else.




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