RAM 1500 DS Runva Premium Winches with Dyneema Rope

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RAM 1500 DS  Runva Premium Winches with Dyneema Rope, Limited Lifetime Warranty available. Available in 12,000lb or 13,500lb Premium

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Runva Premium Winches with Dyneema Rope

It is ideal for large, heavy vehicles, and is a very popular option among Runva customers.The powerful 7.6HP motor delivers a massive 13,000 lb of line pull.It is equipped with a three-stage planetary gearbox with a 228:1 gear ratio that is able to handle the heaviest of recoveries.

  • Capacity of 13,000 lbs for line pull
  • IP67 ingress protected
  • Ratchet Brake in gearbox
  • Both 12V and 24V versions are available
  • Suitable for large vehicles, such as DODGE RAMs and FORD F150s, 250s, and 350s
  • Steel cable option available
  • Available air freespool clutches

Price range for Runva Winches with Dyneema Rope:

12,000 lb – $945

13,500 lb Premium – $1225

17,500 lb – $1950


Please contact us to find out about the warranty that applies to this product (Limited Lifetime Warranty).

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12,000 lb, 13,500 lb Premium, 17,500 lb