Under Seat Storage Box for GMC

Under Seat Storage Box for GMC

$448.00 inc. GST



Under Seat Storage GMC

Under seat storage GMC. Do you want all your stuff to stop sliding around in the back? Or maybe you just want a place to put your tools and equipment without the mess?  This under seat storage box is the answer to your needs! This durable under seat storage box keeps your truck looking clean and organised!

Messy truck, Problem solved!
The Husky GearBox is perfect for storing loose items and reducing clutter. This will help keep your vehicle stay clean and organised. This unique storage system is engineered to fit under your vehicle’s rear seats. Large capacity with removable dividers make it easy to store items. Items such as jumper cables, tools, car care supplies, and whatever else you keep in your vehicle.

The Husky GearBox is manufactured using materials that are rigid, durable, and impact-resistant. The surface minimises cargo shifting and provides noise reduction. A black textured finish gives the GearBox a factory look. The underseat storage box provides vehicle storage for today’s most popular trucks. Designed and Manufactured in the USA with a Lifetime Guarantee against cracking or breaking.


Are you looking to get your truck more organised?

Under Seat storage box GMC. The Husky storage box is the first of Husky’s vehicle interior storage systems. Designed to fit underneath the rear seats of most pickup trucks and offers amazing organisation for tools and many other items. This underseat storage box will fit the area underneath the rear seat of most trucks. The offer a huge storage area.  This is essential to organise all of the loose items you have floating around the back of your truck. These truck cab organiser units are great for the work truck.

Giving you a great place to store your tools, it really is ideal. The Husky storage boxes are made out of polyolefin material.  With a textured and rubberised and finish, this looks factory OEM. The underseat storage box’s interior has a non-slip interior surface to minimise your cargo from moving. The storage boxes include removable dividers help organise your items. Husky storage boxes are made for pickups and is a handy storage box solution.


Messy truck. Problem solved.


-A Unique Under Seat Storage Solutions

-Durable Construction-Custom Fit Design

-Black Texture Finish-Truck Cab Organiser

-Durable impact resistant surface minimises cargo shifting

-Factory look with a black textured finish

-Large capacity with removable dividers to store items you keep in your vehicle

-Lifetime Warranty guaranteed not to crack or break

-Made in the USA


Husky Under Seat Storage

Under Seat Storage box for the GMC vehicles

Contains: Full kit for the easy installation of the Husky Gearbox (USA made)   

 | Supply: $448 |  Installed $498 |

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